Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Having a hard time sleeping here in Kampala.  We have a great apartment, no airconditioning but we just leave the windows open and enjoy the breeze that comes in.  Only problem is the dogs.  I mean really.  The dogs start barking about 10:00 PM and don't stop for anything.  It goes on and on with more dogs joining in as the night rolls on.  Bark bark bark, yap yap, bark bark, on and on and on - what starts as a solo soon turns in to a mighty chorus  - you can hear dogs joining in the howling from far distances .  Finally about 4:00 AM the dogs settle down just in time for the roosters to start crowing.  Now this is a residential area but everyone has a few chickens and of course you have to have a rooster so 4 AM the roosters start competing for airtime.  They crow every minute on the minute and sometimes in between.  Sleep? whats that? haven't had much since we got her.  Ah we're in Africa and this is the real life.  Just something we will have to get use to - meantime my Itouch sure comes in handy when you want to drowned our the night life.


Tiffany said...

Another victory for technology!!!! We might need to include a few ear plugs and a white noise machine in the next care package.

LBJ said...

I finally got smart enough to click on your link to your blog. I love the story about the progress in the orphanage. I can't wait to see what wonderful project you get into there.
Glad to turn in!