Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's a Bargain!

On the way home from Mbale last week we stopped at a roadside fruit stand and what a bargain.
14 Mangos, 1 pineapple, and 9 passionfruit = $3.00
When you travel with Ssimbwa you never fail to get a bargain. When you are out in the country prices are much less than in the city. We seldom return home without bags of beans, potatoes or rice - Ssimbwa is always looking for inexpensive food to feed the children at his pre-school.

a dozen pineapples
maybe a 100 pound bag of mangos

Once while out working in Buikwa out by the shores of Lake Victoria we had to stop and by silver fish.
By the time we got home we had silver fish swimming all over the back of the truck.
Silver fish are very high in protein and considered a poor man's food. They are great for fixing a fish stew for school children who need a healthy lunch.
Some things are just more than a Muzungu bargains for though
Grasshoppers are a bit much but none the less loved by Africans and again, high in protein. Masaka is known as the grasshopper capitol of Uganda. At night they put out large 50 gallon drums under bright lights. The grasshoppers fly and hop towards the light landing in the barrels which they can't get out of. In the morning you find a great food supply or a good income source.
Lets not forget the truck full of water melons on the way home from Kiryandongo.
At least 20 beautiful melons nestled in the back with corn husks to keep them from breaking on the bouncy ride home. Henry (our apartment super.) wanted to help unload because he wanted a melon. We got 4 but Ssimbwa took the rest home to feed family and friends. We are almost sure he made a profit on those melons, he is pretty shrewd.
(the corn husks were recycled a second time as cow fodder - nothing goes to waste in Uganda.)

Shopping in the country is always an experience (especially when you take Ssimbwa along.)


Emma said...

Great Deal but Ewwwww! GRASHOPPERS??!! WHO'D A THOUGHT???

Angela said...


Art Glenn said...

If you haven't eaten the fried grasshoppers you have missed one of the real treats of the mission. They are like little crispy cheetos!

Melinda said...

have you tried a Grasshopper? What different foods have you been able to try out? haha! :)